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    Jeju Island
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    New Zealand
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    Jeju Island, Glass Museum
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    Near Takayama, Japan
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    Nami Island "Winter Sonata"
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    Nishiki Market, Kyoto
About mrTBS

mrTBS cool

Tan Ban Seng aka mrTBS currently teaches electronic commerce, Information Technology and other technology related subjects to diploma and advanced diploma students at an institute of higher learning in Singapore. He does some website designing and coding as a hobby.

If code is poetry and webdesign is artistry, then mrTBS dreams of being a poet and artist. He puts into practise what he teaches through selective webdesign and coding projects which he manages from home.

mrTBS loves to teach! He derives great satisfaction seeing light bulbs go on, figuratively speaking, when he “connects” with his students. Beyond just imparting facts and figures, mrTBS tries to be a coach, a mentor, and an encourager to his students.

mrTBS served two and a half years in the Singapore Armed Forces and he looks back on those times with some nostalgia. He was a sniper with the elite Guards Brigade (lon't play pray...) Boy was he fit then! Now he is fighting a losing battle of the bulge.

mrTBS was an NCB Scholar, and has a M.Sc (Management of Technology) and a B.Sc (Information Systems), both degrees awarded by the National University of Singapore. He graduated top of his class in Information Technology, winning the NCB Book Prize that year.