Webdesign Resources
drawing apps Paint.NET is just about perfect ... simple online graphics/picture app for creating simple logos basic, with nice frames and stickers
*** colors *** when you need exact color matching upload an image to get a palette using colors within the image
free sliders easy to implement 10 Free Responsive Image Sliders
*** eye candy *** easy to use picture enhancement tools create banners, embed for free create your own animated gifs turn your photos into cartoons
fun stuff
popup generator A little old but still working well online video grabber generate filler text
textures/patterns 20 seamless paper textures http://www.textureking.comgrunge, dirt, plaster, concrete, rust... http://subtlepatterns.comuse the search tool textures from webdesignledger
pictures, clipart clipart collection, transparent and vector, worth checking out decorative web elementsdo not overuse, or it gets annoying and distracting the search tool
content related
5 things an "About" page needs from webdesignledger, worth reading Header & Footer, examples of 35 inspiring headers and footers contactpage & forms, eg 15 inspiring examples well designed contact pages
design inspirations
Emotions and Design must read ! Galleries & Showcases check them out to get ideas Inspired by Textures
*** coding tools *** code validator webpage must be on the Net Can I Use ...? handy reference which CSS3.0 are supported by various browsers